TCL Electronics is one of the leading players in the global TV industry, and is engaged in the research and development, manufacturing and distribution of consumer electronic products. Through a new product-and-user-oriented business model that focuses primarily on a "double +" strategy which includes "smart + Internet" and "products + services" as the main direction, TCL Electronics strives to build a comprehensive ecosystem for smart TVs that provides users with smart and healthy living products and services, and is dedicated to becoming a global leading smart technology company.
The stock code is 1070.HK. It is a public company listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange (listed in November 1999).。
TCL Technology Group Corporation ("TCL Technology", formerly known as "TCL Corporation")had completed its restructuring in March 2019, and sold all of its business and assets of smart devices to TCL Industries Holdings Co., Ltd. ("TCL Holdings"). Both sides have improved the process of organization and resource allocation with their industrial characteristics respectively. After that, TCL Holdings has become the controlling shareholder of TCL Electronics. However, TCL Electronics still maintains strong business ties to TCL China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd (CSOT, a subsidiary of TCL Technology).
A. Market Leading Position
  • In 2019, the Company's global TV sales volume continued to rank second in the global TV market. (Data source: Sigmaintell)
  • In 2019, the market share in terms of sales volume of TCL brand TV ranked second in the U.S. market and was among top 3 or 5 in multiple European markets and emerging markets, including France, Australia and India. (Data source: NPD & GfK)
B. Vertical Integration Advantage and Global Layout
  • TCL Electronics is the only Chinese TV enterprise which possesses a complete vertically integrated industrial chain spanning panel, module and assembly.
  • Manufacturing bases in the PRC, Mexico, Poland, Vietnam, Brazil and Argentina, establishing globalized manufacturing layout capacity to effectively mitigate the risk brought by China-US trade dispute.
  • • Committed to the implementation of high standard intelligent factory and automated manufacturing, adopting Industry 4.0 through Tonghu Project (with total capacity reaching 35 million sets), aiming to achieve synergy with CSOT, lower costs and raise production efficiency.
C. Innovative Products and R&D Capability
  • Innovative products: cutting-edge technologies such as quantum dot (QLED), Mini LED, and 8K; equipped with various innovative functions, such as the most updated AI, replacing traditional graphic interaction via GUI (graphical user interface) with voice interaction via VUI (voice user interface), enabling multiple rounds of natural dialogues, hands-free control, etc.
  • Highly recognized by the industry: TCL products received numerous accolades and awards from various prestigious institutions, including PCMAG's "Readers' Choice Awards" for two years in a row, CNET News's "Best TVs" Award, CNET's "Editor's Choice Award", CES's "8K QLED TV Gold Award 2019-2020", EISA's "Best Buy LCD TV" award, and "Home Theater Gold Award" by IFA and IDG in 2019.
  • Leading R&D capability: established a joint A.I. design center with TCL Technology to accelerate R&D and application of A.I. technology.
D. Diversified Business and Strategic Transformation
  • Internet TV business reinforced "1+1+N" strategic cooperation with greater monetization capability.
  • Acquired CI Tech to explore B2B business and enter the blue ocean market of commercial display.
  • Set up an open smart home system with smart TVs as terminal.
Adhering to the strategic orientation of "Reform and Make Breakthroughs, Prioritise Quality and Efficiency for Global Leadership", the Group will continue to consolidate its leading position in the global layout, leverage on the advantages in vertical integration of industrial chain, and deepen the implementation of intelligentisation and globalisation in 2020. The Group will also build a smart home ecosystem featuring "AI x IoT", improve the profitability of the Internet business and propel digital transformation in order to expand new profit growth opportunities and create greater value for Shareholders.

1. Leveraging on the Advantages in Vertical Integration of Industrial Chain to Improve Product Competitiveness
  • The Group will continue to focus on TCL brand TV business and adhere to the philosophy of taking technological innovation and product leadership as its core. The Group is committed to providing users with even more remarkably realistic watching experience. Looking forward, the Group will fully leverage on its advantages in the synergy of the vertically integrated industrial chain to continuously develop industry-leading high-end display technologies such as QD, Mini LED and 8K to accelerate the launch of mid-to-high end products with the support of CSOT's advanced panel production line. At the same time, the Group will further strengthen the synergy among product technology, industrial chain, brand promotion and international business. With the advantages of its comprehensive global network and sales channel as well as its competitiveness in the overseas markets, the Group is dedicated to building TCL into a world-leading brand of consumer and household electronics.
2. Expanding First-mover Advantage in Overseas Markets, Consolidating Global Strategic Layout
  • The Group will continue to enhance the business competitiveness in the PRC market and promote global operation strategy in a steady and fast manner to grasp the opportunities in the changing global economic landscape. The Group will utilise its first-mover advantage in globalisation to strengthen its competitiveness in regions such as North America, Europe and Southeast Asia, and accelerate exploration of emerging markets such as Russia and India and endeavour to become the leaders of more markets, with a view to further increase the Group's global market share and brand power. Moreover, the Group will simultaneously improve its global supply chain layout to form a global industrial system with greater flexibility and reasonable geographic distribution.
3. Accelerating the Development of Global Internet Business, Strengthening Operational Capability and Serving Global Users
  • Adhering to the "double +" strategy of "products + services, intelligence + Internet", the Group will comprehensively enrich the content of the Internet business and further enhance the user experience, thus expanding the user base, enhancing the user loyalty, strengthening the operational capability and improving the monetisation of Internet business. The Group will further deepen its strategic cooperation with overseas Internet business partners while vigorously improving the operation and profitability of Falcon Network Technology in order to strengthen consolidation of domestic and overseas content resources, establish a global Internet business user system and continuously improve the global Internet business operation and profitability by leveraging on competitive advantages in overseas markets in order to further enhance the Group's profitability.
4. Pursuing Higher Quality and Efficiency, Improving Corporate Operation Efficiency
  • The Group will improve its overall corporate operation and management quality, establish a global R&D system and management structure, and prioritise strategic planning and implementation. By building close connections with users and markets, the Group seeks all-rounded improvement in aspects such as product competitiveness, quality of service, managing, assets and talents. The Group will also innovate business models to adapt to changes in market environment and keep abreast of latest product technology. Despite its rapid development, the Group will also pay attention to its operational and financial risks to ensure the healthy and sustainable development of the Group.
5. Boosting R&D Innovation, Advancing "AI x IoT" Strategy
  • On the basis of consolidating and improving its existing TV business, the Group will further expand into new business fields including smart home and commercial display to enhance its overall profitability. As the development of 5G technology continued to accelerate, smart home has entered a phase of rapid growth. The Group, driven by customer demand, will enhance capability of building "AI x IoT" and endeavour to expand smart home market. Driven by the leading "AI x IoT" strategic layout, products in the new era will be featured with integrating hardware, software and IoT into various scenarios, effectively combining users' need, functions of IoT devices and AI capability to create rich scenarios that will grow exponentially, propelling the transformation of the Company into a global leading smart technology company.
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