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TCL launches the world's thinnest full HD LCD TV, the ultra slim BoJue H78

On 10th September 2007 in Beijing TCL staged the grand launch for its natural lighting technology, which was developed in-house and includes entitlement to all the intellectual property rights. We took this opportunity to launch at the same time the world's thinnest full HD LCD TV, which is called the BoJue H78. In the process TCL has on the one hand become the first Chinese brand to feature on the international LCD TV scene, and has on the other achieved a milestone with its origins in the LCD manufacturing industry, which formed the basis for its current forays into key LCD technology.

Over recent years the TV industry has fragmented into three different areas, namely CRT, LCD and plasma. When compared with LCD in terms of depth of picture and dynamic contrast, CRT and plasma both have a slight advantage. This is a matter of global proportions, and the launch of our natural light technology addresses just this.  Han Qing, Vice President of TCL Multimedia and General Manager of the Chinese business centre, explains how the global research and development team had worked many long hours on natural light technology, but that this high price had paid off with the development of leading LCD technology on an international level. He further explains that natural light technology will endow LCD TV with advantages over CRT and plasma in the areas of picture depth, contrast, eye protection and energy conservation. He maintains the advent of this technology will irrevocably move the goal posts in the flat screen TV field and serve to enhance the competitive advantages of LCD over CRT and plasma. One point not to be underestimated is the thus proven ability of Chinese brands in product development, demonstrating how China's home electronics industry has marked a historic step by making inroads into the hallowed ground of the international TV industry.

The thickness of the newly-launched BoJue H78 is a mere 72mm, which represents a world record thinness. Its striking appearance and excellent performance demonstrate TCL’s design capabilities and bear witness to the potential of the Chinese household appliance industry.

Natural light technology evidences the growth of Chinese brands
Plasma TV supporters claim to have overtaken LCD TV , which has since inception been plagued by powerful brightness, which often leads to eye fatigue with lengthy viewing, while additionally the prevalence of big screens leads to higher power consumption. Nevertheless rather than retreat, TCL's global R & D team uncompromisingly squared up to this challenge. Painstaking trials produced results in the form of optical path innovation and the development of natural light technology. As the name suggests, our natural light technology transcends the technical limitations of passive luminance in LCD TV by creating the visual effect of natural light. It involves the use of circular polarized light technology and dynamic backlight control.

Our breakthrough represents a worldwide first, achieved through TFT-LCD TV innovation in China, and it has plugged the gap in polarized light technology on an international scale. Special mention should be made of the digital video dynamic backlight control, whose development has catapulted us to domestic and international prominence.

By pioneering this technology, we have enhanced image quality, eye protection, environmental awareness and energy conservation. Firstly natural light technology brings about partition modulation on the screen, so as to augment stereoscopic impression in the bright and dark zones. The static contrast goes as high as 10,000 : 1 with dynamic contrast at 50,000 : 1. Secondly innovations in natural light technology alter the LCD TV optical path, while creating a sensation similar to natural light, and in addition protect owners’ eyes. In fact comparative tests carried out by a number of authorities in the field show that LCD TV with natural light technology is in sync with the visual mechanism of human eyes. It has also been shown that it intelligently adjusts the backlight, with consequent advantages environmentally and for energy conservation, with energy reduction of in excess of 54%. It can be seen how the benefits of LCD TV in these three areas attest to TCL's extensive technical expertise and industrial skill, and they bear witness to the advantages of LCD TV over plasma.

In view of this TCL natural light technology is the subject of over 100 patents domestically and overseas. A further significant development is that we have licensed our latest innovations to manufacturers in Japan and Taiwan, being in the process the first Chinese brand in the TV industry to license its technology overseas. Several leading experts have spoken positively of this key licensing exercise, expressing their conviction that it is destined to propel Chinese brands to the forefront of the LCD revolution.

Significant technical expertise takes up the challenge of creating the thinnest
The layman tends to assume the size of a TV depends solely on the designer’s whim, but nothing could be further from the truth. In our business the size of the product, quite apart from aesthetics, depends among others on the intelligent use of technology, the manufacturing process, and the application of stability tests. Designers also have to take account of the components to be included, the provision of ventilation, the incidence of running noise and the need to conserve power. As a result those in the know can take the size of the product as yardstick of the technical prowess of a given manufacturer. BoJue H78 is a perfect example of a product which does just this.

TCL has demonstrated to the world its “super thin technology" with the super thin BoJue H78, which evidences this prowess and our technical expertise, our manufacturing skills, top industrial design and Full HD strategic technology. This product pulls together MEMC dynamic operation and compensation with Full HD screen, and applies several leading technologies in the field. As a result suspension design, concealed interface, concealed sound and other advanced techniques are standard features of this model. It must also be mentioned how the ground-breaking sound of the H78 is brought to you thanks to TCL’s unique independent four-drive technology.

The H78 was designed by the renowned design team of Tim Thom. The front and rear casing adopts a U-shaped separate suspension design, while the two-colour and two-layer base is made of black quartz glass and silver chrome plating, which combine to achieve the lighter and thinner qualities. The concealed interface and sound contribute to a consistent appearance and a super thin product.

Prizing real value for money and investing in research and development
One disturbing current feature of the Chinese LCD TV market is that a number of foreign manufacturers are trying to capitalise on the situation in search of a quick profit. In pursuit of easy money they have abandoned the traditional advantage of overseas producers in technical R & D and ended up misleading Chinese consumers into desiring poor-quality products. We at TCL have been aiming to reverse this trend by pioneering the trend of higher value visual and audio products by means of patent technology and innovation. Thus our launch of the BoJue H78 is sure to transform the price war into a war of value.

Building on the foundation of our status in the multimedia industry, we at TCL are committed to establishing Chinese brands as solid LCD TV innovators. So we have not stinted in research and development investment in order to capitalise on global trends and to pioneer our latest technology. We believe we have demonstrated the achievement of these goals through the close cooperation of our R & D team which was necessary in coming out with natural light technology and the H78 model.

Our strategy is real innovation
The launch of the BoJue H78 represented for us a strategic step forward, which relied on TCL technological expertise and our advanced management experience in innovation.

June 2007 witnessed the low-quality price war mentioned above, and this is when TCL intervened and launched our high definition product primarily in the interests of buyers as a starting point for our market push. Ever since then the response has been most encouraging. In a recent three month period, for example, our sales volume increased by 100% year-on-year, which greatly exceeds the average. This led to our pioneering the concept that the low season need not be slack.

We achieved this by launching our flagship BoJue H78 together with the M71 at the same time, preceded by the Xuanlv H61F and Xuanlv M61F. Our management has undertaken to pursue R & D relentlessly as we aim to produce quality products to meet the demand and maintain our leading position.
So TCL has without doubt become a leading Chinese producer, and at a recent product launch Han Qing, Vice President of TCL Multimedia and General Manager of the China Business Centre, stated that the application of natural light technology and the launch of BoJue H78 represented not only victory over the price war concept as the company capitalised on its manufacturing and technical expertise and innovation, but also a demonstration of our new emphasis on flat screen technology. It was his opinion that Chinese brands could only succeed internationally by pioneering vital technology. He vowed that the Company would press on to achieve more and more breakthroughs for Chinese brands internationally on the basis of its years of R & D strength, unique appraisal of customer needs, innovative technology and original design.