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Welcoming the Olympics TCL’s E9 Joy – the first green LCD – is launched around the world



A “Green Olympics” is one of the themes of this year’s Beijing Olympics, and as the Games draw near, energy saving, reducing emissions and environmental protection are becoming focal points for many industries. In April 2008, as a global leader in the TV industry, TCL launched its first green LCD TV model, the E9 Joy, in a synchronized global launch. This model uses state of the art audiovisual technology, and for the first time makes use of “natural light”, the industry’s leading energy-saving technology, endowing it with innovative green energy-saving and eye-protection functions. It marks the entry of a new wave of “green flatscreens” into the flatscreen TV market, and has attracted attention on a global scale.

“Natural light technology” creates green LCDs

The reason the E9 Joy has become the TV industry’s green LCD of preference lies in TCL’s use of independently developed and patented “natural light” technology. Under normal reception conditions, this technology is able to automatically adjust the backlight according to the brightness of the particular image signal, allowing savings of 50% on conventional flatscreen energy consumption, far exceeding industry standards. The E9 Joy also significantly enhances image quality, restoring the original vivid, natural color properties of the image.

Authoritative ophthalmological tests also indicate that blinking rates and eye fatigue after watching conventional flatscreen TVs for two hours increased by a factor of 1.3, while subjects in similar tests watching an E9 Joy set equipped with natural light technology exhibited virtually no fatigue or discomfort. Tests show that flatscreens with natural light technology can effectively reduce visual fatigue caused by long periods of TV watching. In short, E9 Joy users can not only enjoy the benefits of life-like image quality and low energy consumption, but can also rest assured that their eyes are protected as well.

Recordable Full HD Effortless Olympic enjoyment

As everyone knows, the 2008 Olympic Games will be broadcast in HDTV format, making Full HD the mainstream of the flatscreen TV market for the 2008 Olympics. Based on TCL’s superior Full HD technology, the E9 Joy uses the latest technologies, such as WCG-CCFL II, not only allowing it to fully support the 1920*1080P Olympic HD format, but also allowing it to precisely display static and moving images and complex colors, resulting in a vibrant, natural image.

Some Korean and Chinese brands have also launched flatscreens with recording functions to address the demand for recording Olympic programming, but the vast majority are LCD or plasma products limited to standard definition format, and most also use third generation technology, placing significant restrictions on them in terms of storage capacity, recording signal sources and resolution. The E9 Joy is the first to use fourth generation recording technology, which differs most significantly in its freedom from time restrictions; consumers can simply connect a portable external hard drive, meaning that storage capacity and playback time are determined by the user. The E9 Joy is also fully compatible with all current analog TV signals, as well as supporting higher-resolution recording formats such as AV signals, S-video and digital set-top boxes, facilitating true “free playback and fully-featured recording”, and allowing you to record and play back Olympic events at your leisure.

Not only does the E9 Joy combine many types of state of the art technology, its design concepts and audio features have also been approved by experts. As the latest masterwork by TCL’s design team (Tim-Thom), the E9 Joy comes in a lustrous jet-black finish; its pure wine-red, curved design is reminiscent of the styling of the famous brandy manufacturer Hennessy, combining modern minimalism with classical elegance, and the base can be rotated through 40 degrees, making it a stylish and classy addition to any home. In terms of audio features, the E9 Joy uses TCL’s innovative, independently-developed sound environment modeling system. This system can adjust to floor and wall environments of varying materials and hardness, harmonizing the TV sound system with the home environment for the first time, and allowing the user to enjoy an auditory feast not usually found outside a movie theater.

TCL will also offer a 3-year warranty service on the E9 Joy’s screen, as well as implementing a national service alliance using a unified national service hotline in China (4008123456). With this system, TCL’s expert engineers will provide prompt onsite service even on public holidays, ensuring peace of mind for consumers.

Industry analysts indicate that as the first new product range of 2008, TCL’s E9 Joy uses the latest mainstream technologies on the market, making it comparable to high-end products from foreign brands in terms of both technical standards and features, while its use of “natural light” and “recordable full HD” technologies will enable it to achieve an innovative breakthrough. The E9 joy is not only at the forefront of industry development trends, but is also perfectly in tune with the demands of Olympic viewers, demonstrating TCL’s ability to accurately gauge and rapidly respond to the wishes of consumers. The E9 Joy’s reasonable price and extensive product range will make it a key player in the 2008 market, and will spur on a new round of Olympic competition in the flatscreen TV field.