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TCL Becomes the Only Chinese TV Brand to Pass National 4K TV Certification in China

(8 November 2013, Hong Kong) – TCL Multimedia Technology Holdings Limited (“TCL Multimedia” or “the Group”, HKSE stock code: 01070) announced that it has become the only Chinese TV manufacturing brand to have passed China’s National 4K TV Certification, and has the highest number of models approved by the certification among the candidates. The certification was conducted by the country’s National Testing and Inspection Center for Radio and TV Products (“TIRT”). TIRT also released a list of the first batch of products which met the Chinese National TV 4K Certification Standards. Making it to the list are five TV manufacturers, including TCL, Samsung, LG, Sony and Sharp.
The candidates have to meet the new stringent requirements of the 4K TV National Certification in terms of definition of images, reproduction ratio, color gamut coverage technology, contrast, and intrinsic resolution, etc.Supervision and inspection of the successful candidates are carried out at least once every 12 months by TIRT after the certification. TCL Multimedia’s products which have been certified are the three series of Cloud E5690, Cloud V8500 and Cloud H9500, which comprise eight products, with screens of 39 inches to 85 inches. The Group has been awarded certificates of No.001 to No.008 for its products. In particular, Cloud H9500, which is an ultra high-definition model with an 85-inch screen, has obtained No.001 certification and has been dubbed “No.1 4K Ultra HD TV” by the market for its outstanding performance.
Meanwhile, the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce has announced a 4K Ultra High Definition TV labelingcertification. Special labels will be affixed to the products of the five TV makers which have passed the country’s National 4K TV Certification for authentication.
Mr. Hao Yi, Chief Executive Officer of TCL Multimedia said, “We are glad that under the strict certification standards, TCL has become the only Chinese TV brand to have met the stringent standards of the National 4K TV Certification and has the most 4K product models approved by the certification among the successful candidates. We are grateful to the TIRT for its move to establish a real industry standard for China’s 4K TV. It will help promote the development of the country’s 4K TV industry. With leading 4K display technologies, we will be able to maintain our competitive advantage in products and provide 4K TV products, which are of higher quality and more choices. This will ultimately enhance the brand recognition and influence of TCL in China and Overseas Markets."