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TCL Multimedia Debuts New Cloud TV Product Series for Spring 2013

(26 March 2013, Hong Kong) – TCL Multimedia Technology Holdings Limited (“TCL Multimedia” or “the Group”, HKSE stock code: 01070) announced its brand strategy enhancement, projecting a young, fashionable and internationalized image at “It’s Real Different! TCL Press Conference in Spring 2013” in Beijing today. As part of the move, the Group rolled out several new TV product series under its “Fireball Plan” and introduced the world’s first sub-brand “Viveza” for high-end TVs.
At the press conference, TCL Multimedia introduced its “Fireball Plan” and “Plan V”. With years of solid experience in product development, planning, design and production of smart cloud TV, TCL Multimedia launched eight new smart cloud TV product series under its “Fireball Plan”. The new product series included Cloud QingV8500, Cloud JingV7600, Cloud XianH6600, Cloud LianE5590 and Cloud LeE4650. In particular, Cloud QingV8500 was equipped with MSTAR’s quad-core processor and Android 4.2 operating system. It is a perfect device for processing high-definition images, from input and decoding of signals to the best 4K super high-definition display.
The Group also announced its another strategic plan, “Plan V”,for 2013 at the press conference. Under the plan, it will launch the world’s first sub-brand Vivezafor high-end TVs and debut a new model of TV, V101,which is the first state-of-the-art high-end smart cloud TV. V101features an ultra-thin and sleek design, with a thickness of only 12.5mm, a record-breaking achievement for ultra-slim LED TVs in the World’s TV-manufacturing history. Spanish-derived name, Viveza, literally means “living”. It is positioned as a high-end brand which brings comprehensive entertainment services to consumers who attaches great importance to quality living.
Mr. Zhao Zhongyao, Chief Executive Officer of TCL Multimedia, said, ‘The arrival of an era of smart cloud TV experience and the growing demand for high-end TVs with large screens have brought a lot of market opportunities for leading Chinese enterprises. With the competitive advantages in brand, product and sales, TCL Multimedia will introduce its sub-brand Viveza for high-end TVs and eight new smart cloud TV product series under “Fireball Plan” with an aim to bring brand new high-end smart cloud TV experience to consumers.  We will continue to reinforce our leading position in the smart cloud TV market by increasing our investments in research and development and rolling out more innovative products. These moves will enable TCL to become a global brand with greater international influence.”