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TCL became first to be awarded the Annual Innovation Prize for its Smart Cloud TV

(January 11, 2012, Hong Kong) – TCL Multimedia Technology Holdings Limited (“TCL Multimedia” or “the Group”, HKSE stock code: 01070) is pleased to announce that its Smart Cloud TV was the first to be awarded the Annual Innovation Prize for Smart Cloud TV in the 45th Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas, the United States. In addition, TCL brand also continues to be listed in TOP 50 Global Consumer Electronics and ranks the sixth in global TV brands, as well as being listed in TOP 10 China’s Leading Consumer Electronics Brands for the fourth consecutive year.
The organizers awarded Annual Innovation Prize for Smart Cloud TV to TCL, a first-time category for such award, in order to recognize its outstanding achievements in 4C Integration and smart technology services. The award also demonstrated the TV industry’s recognition of the Cloud Life Ecology Circle, which was established through TCL’s strategies.
Embedded with the most sophisticated cloud computing and storage technologies, TCL Cloud TV series’ hardware contains dual-core CPU and Android+ smart platform. TCL cloud TV series bring to users the innovative brand-new “cloud life” that boasts “speed, sharing, large quantity and 3D”. Through TCL cloud TVs’ terminals, users can not only socialize and play games, easily share resources or realize remote control but also enjoy other functions.
In the Consumer Electronics Show, 3D and smart TVs still represent the mainstream technology trend of TV industry in the future of broad development prospects in the market. With the trial launch of China’s first 3D Channel on January 1, 2012, demand for 3D TVs is expected to continually rise in the PRC Market. The Group will further boost its 3D and smart TV sales to increase market share and the proportion of 3D and smart TV in its high-end product mix.
Mr. Zhao Zhongyao, Chief Executive Officer of TCL Multimedia said, "The revolutionary era of cloud-computing has already come. TCL Multimedia will be more focused on this emerging business in the future to bring the most advanced smart digital home solutions to families in China and in the world.”