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TCL Full-Line Brand Debuts at CES

LAS VEGAS, January 7, 2010 -- TCL Corporation, a leading Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer, today started marketing its full line of TCL branded products and solutions for the first time in its corporate history at the 43rd Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The move signifies what industry experts call “its steps forward in building a world-class brand.”


The company could not have picked a better venue to showcase its own TCL branded LCD television sets and mobile phones than CES which kicked off today in Las Vegas, as TCL stands tall with other industry giants such as Sony, Samsung, LG at the CES Main Hall.

“The time is now for TCL to start marketing and selling its products under its own brand, around the world to completely transit from ‘Made in China’ to ‘Created in China’ and promote Chinese brands on global basis,” said Mr. Gary Yu, Senior Vice President of TCL Corporation and CEO of TCL Multimedia, during an interview at CES. “After 10 years’ globalization, TCL has formed an extensive global business network. We have integrated our industrial chain, strengthened innovation and increased our competitiveness in the global marketplace. The TCL brand and other brands that TCL owns will benefit from the economic recovery in Europe, North America and emerging markets which are expected to improve in 2010.”


Among the full line of TCL innovative products at the CES, the RGB-LED LCD TV with dynamic backlight control technology was presented for the first time outside China, according to Mr. QC Liang, General Manager - Branding, TCL Corporation. On display at CES are six series of LCD TV (including Internet TV), TCL and ALCATEL cell phones and TCL home entertainment and information center. In addition, TCL Corporation also presented four mock-up models of Series 11 new TV product (X, E, P, C) to be rolled out in year 2010.


TCL is fully embracing new digital and Internet TV technology. Working with Intel, TCL developed a set-top box UB10, an innovative MiTV IP STB product, which, by supporting DLNA and IGRS protocol, receives digital TV signals and supports such Internet functions as online upgrade, playback, download and webpage browsing. This product becomes an instant hit with CES visitors as they try it with a joystick to play a wii-based fitness video game.

At this year’s CES, 3D TV has become talk of the town. And TCL Corporation is also at the forefront by displaying a 3D TV wall for commercial use, that enables the audience to watch 3D programs without wearing 3D glasses. TCL also introduced for the first time, its new 240HZ 3D TV for home entertainment.


With its dual-brand strategy, TCL Communication also brought its new ALCATEL and TCL cell phone products to the event. The new ALCATEL cell phones include OT-305A GPRS video cell phone, OT-800A and OT-808A full keypad cell phone and OT-708A touch screen cell phone, which enable users to create personalized operation menus freely with simple drag-and-drop operations. With simple and user-friendly design, OT-880A integrates full key pad and touch screen to deliver an enjoyable online experience, web browsing, socializing and chatting. Under TCL brand, TCL displayed for the first time, the full range of its new 3G products based on TD-SCDMA technology.


In 2009, TCL Corporation retained its No.1 position among TV manufacturers in China with brand value of RMB 41.7 billion. By the end of November 2009, TCL Corporation has realized growth in various sectors and it ranked sixth in global LCD TV shipments.