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MonitorEarly in 2002 the TCL Monitor Sales Centre launched its first series of flat-tube, progressive-scanning products, the main feature of which was compliance with international standards, which enabled us to cater to domestic and overseas buyers.

TCL colour digital monitors utilise multiple compensating circuits, which generate clear image quality and true high resolution progressive scanning, thus eliminating flickering. Our environmental awareness is demonstrated by our use of low-radiation CRTs, and our optimal combination of appropriate parts ensures stability and quality in the end product. It has a simple and elegant design that renders it suitable for adaptation for engineering purposes.

Shenzhen TCL New Technology Co. Ltd. maintains a top-tier R&D team in China, and we have some of the most advanced monitor production lines in the world. They comply with ISO9001 quality standards for environmental compliance, and all our products must be certified by the China Compulsory Certification (3C).

The Group’s technical services and distribution networks throughout China are specially designed to provide up-to-date product information and efficient after-sales service for all our customers.