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The Group’s social responsibility programs continued to expand, such as taking part in social care-giving campaigns, establishing environmentally sound operations, upholding legal rights of the staffs, and systematically starting initiatives in protecting occupational health and safety in 2008.


The Group continuously participates and supports social care-giving campaigns. From the year 2008, Hua Min Fund, established by the managing director of the Group, contributed RMB 2.50 million in a 5-year period to a “Candle Awards of Kantors” commend scheme to be carried out in Huizhou, Guangdong Province; And also contributed RMB 6 million to support 250 students of the fifth “Hua Min – Hong Zhi Class” in Hua Luogeng Secondary School for their high school studies. For the third consecutive year, the Group took part in the “Project Hope College Dreams – Together We Care” project organized by the China Youth Development Foundation. With the supports in both manpower and financial ways of the TCL group of companies which the Group belongs to, approximately 100 students from Huizhou, Guangdong Province, China, were able to further their studies. Furthermore, in 2008, the Group had sent 3 outstanding teachers, who were applied on their own accord and selected by the Group, to support local education in rural areas and had won high praise from the public.


The 5.12 earthquake devastated thousands of Chinese. TCL Group dispatched a relief team at the earliest time possible and donated RMB1 million for emergency relief in earthquake-hit area through Guangdong Charity Federation. Meanwhile, the Group’s staff initiated their own donation drive to show care for the victims

and raised over RMB3 million supplies for relief effort to help the victims to tide over the crisis. For the Group’s staff who were affected by the earthquake, the Group offered a helping hand proactively, giving them relief and consolation fund of over RMB600,000. Besides, the Group arranged special home leave for them,

reimbursed their travel expenses, and provided mental consolation and help according to the extent of destruction.


In the environment aspect, the Group had enhanced application of the latest power saving technologies. All electricity conservation initiatives during the year 2008 had saved 729 tonnes of standardized coal and had won incentive subsidies of RMB 145.8 thousand from Huizhou; Waste water of the Group is discharged into Zhong Kai Sewage Treatment Plant for centralized treatment; Industrial exhaust treatment facility is operated effectively that meet the standard of exhaust to be discharged; and the Group has obtained ISO14001 certification in

environment management system and has also passed certification reviews by the external certification body.


Staff is the most valuable asset of an enterprise and being people-oriented is one of the Group’s business philosophies. An enterprise has the responsible to continuously improve the working and living conditions of its staffs, to meet their legitimate rights and enhance their welfare and benefits, and to provide the platform for professional development. The Group undertakes to comply with applicable labour and employment laws, including respect of privacy, recognition of the rights of its staffs to participate in collective bargaining, no forced labour, proper arrangement of working hours, settle its payroll according to law, no employment of child labour, and elimination of any discrimination. The Group advocates and shoulders its social responsibilities proactively. As the Group has been practicing labour management that complies to laws and regulations, the new Labour Contract Law implemented on 1 January 2008 had no significant impact on the Group. Meanwhile, the Group proactively reorganized and further improved its internal employment policy and code of practice on staff relationship according to the new Labour Contract Law. In addition to purchase of various social insurance such as industrial injury, health, unemployment, pension and maternity insurance for all its staffs, The Group also provided other insurance and welfare to some of its staffs, such as business insurance, group pension insurance and housing fund. At the same time, the Group had proper arrangement for working hours and controlled overtime hours so as to protect the rights of its staff to rest and go on holidays according to law. Minors and women staff who are in three phases (pregnancy, perinatal and breast-feeding) are under special care. According to relevant laws and regulations, no minors nor women in pregnancy and breast-feeding phases can be arranged to work at posts that are poisonous or hazardous, nor to work overnight shift. The Group had a total of 125 staff in the above three phases in 2008, all of whom were under proper placement and care.


The Group had obtained OHSAS18000 in December 2005, passed OHSAS18001 successfully in November 2008, and passed several times of review from the clients during the year. It reflects that a comprehensive occasional health and safety management initiative is commenced systematically: personal protection measures (earplugs) are carried out against noise; special equipments such as pressure vessels and safety spare parts/vehicles are inspected regularly in accordance with national requirements; Specific operators are working with

certification after training and evaluation, in accordance with relevant requirements; Operational safety rules for major source of danger are prepared; Fire inspection and fire extinguishment/evacuation drills are carried out in accordance with requirements of the Ministry of Public Security; limits for occasional contacts of harmful substances in the workplace were monitored by Huizhou Occupational Hygiene Detection Center and they met the requirements.


Going forward, the Group will continue to improve its social responsibility programs in line with its position as a global corporation and industry leader.