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ROWA Business Unit

ROWA Business Unit is a service operation for its subsidiary, Guangzhou Digital Rowa Technology Co. Ltd, which was registered in the Guangzhou Economic Development Zone on 28th May 2003. It focuses on R&D, sales and manufacture of ROWA brand colour televisions and provides technical and after sales support.

Capitalising on TCL’s strength in R&D, purchasing, manufacturing, and colour TV logistics, Guangzhou Digital Rowa Technology Co. Ltd has built market awareness of the ROWA brand. Today, its national sales network encompasses 27 subsidiary retailers, 500 staff, 3000 dealers, 8000 sales outlets . The company designs and markets its own CRT and projection televisions, among others, and markets over 60 models. As ROWA’s market share has risen rapidly its TV sales volume has also risen from 1 million units in 2004  to 1.5 million units in 2005 The result of all this is that the name has come to dominate the industry with outstanding performance.