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Emerging Market Business Centre

The Emerging Market Business Centre covers Asia, the CIS, the Middle East, Africa, Oceania, Central and South America.

The Centre maintains branche offices in Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Thailand, and Australia, and representative offices in Hong Kong, Mexico, Pakistan and Brazil. These offices play a key role in promoting TCL’s full range of products and brands. In all we currently service clients (including OEM) in over 120 countries, establishing a leading position and sales network for the Group, with an overall 5% share in emerging markets TV sales by volume. TCL is a leading player in Bengal in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, South Africa, Peru and Argentina, while in Vietnam, the Philippines and Australia it is one of  thetop three players in the market.  In Indonesia, India and Thailand, TCL ranked within the top 6 players. 

Meanwhile TCL’s brand profile has been on the rise in the emerging markets. In Vietnam we have been selected as ‘best quality product’ for 5 consecutive years, and awarded ‘Outstanding Foreign Company’ by the Ministry of Finance of Vietnam. In the Philippines we are widely recognised both by consumers and by the authorities. In recent years, , TCL debuted on the Australian market and rapidly became a model of a Chinese TV brand successfully establishing itself in a developed country. In Thailand, which is ahighly competitive market, TCL has put two years’ hard work into becoming one of the top three Chinese brands available. In India, which is the world’s second largest emerging market, TCL invested two years’ hard work in establishing a stable sales and marketing network and increasing its popularity. In a recent issue of the Economic Times, a mainstream Indian publication, TCL was highlighted as ‘a representative of China enterprise.’ In countries and regions like Sri Lanka and Bengal TCL has been given the accolade of ‘most respected international brand’.