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Make the Leap through Continuous Innovation 

This is an era full of opportunities and challenges, with broad business outlook brought by the surging tide of intelligence and Internet. Our product form, business model, business philosophy and organizational framework will undergo major test of transition, which will be eventually redefined. 

This is an era of change and reconstruction, in which the business environment is rapidly changing and the business model accelerates innovation. If we fail in accelerating business transformation, discovering and seizing new industry and market opportunities to build new capabilities, our future will be perilous. 

If TCL's globalizing exploration in recent years is regarded as a passive adaptation to the impact and challenges brought by globalization, then, from now on, we have entered into a new phase of proactively planning for the future development goals and tasks of globalization. 

We will stand at a new historical starting point and strive to build TCL into a competitive globalization business! In the overall strategy of TCL development in the next two to three years, we shall consolidate the foundation, with continuous innovation, to achieve a new leap forward. 

"Consolidating the Foundation" is to consolidate the fundamental basis of management and strengthen the foundation of core competencies; "continuous innovation" is to enhance the management to the new height required by globalization with changes and breakthroughs of technology, processes and culture. With the firm ideal of “Serving the country with industry”, in the past thirty years of development, TCL has achieved fruitful results by persisting globalizing exploration, continuous innovation breakthroughs and indomitable attempts. At the moment, in the growth of the Internet era, we need to explore new paths of development, and the real "subversion" is the change of thinking, changing from product-orientation in the past to user-orientation. 

The practice of "Double +" transformation strategy will be the focus of TCL’s work in the future. We must have the courage to break the existing commercial system, carrying out business concepts reconstruction, business reconstruction and organization reconstruction in line with Internet thinking, promoting "Intelligent + Internet" transformation strategy, for the establishment of "Products + Services" business model. 

We believe that, with innovation and entrepreneurship, we must be able to complete the self-transcendence and bring in a steady stream of vitality through subversive innovation. In the future, with user-orientation, we will build future-oriented operating system, to achieve the strategic transformation and provide users with ultimate experience of products and services to make life more exciting! 

Mr. LI Dongsheng   

Chairman of the Board and CEO